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This past weekend I attended the monthly Chrome and Coffee at Iron Gate Motor Condos. Held on the second Saturday morning of every month (yes, even in the off-season), this event has steadily been growing and has become the place to see some amazing cars not normally found at other shows locally. There is no charge to attend, although they do encourage donations to Cal’s Angels to support their efforts to help local kids battling cancer. Each month there is a different theme for these shows, this months marque was British cars.

Iron Gate Chrome & Coffee - British Marque

Iron Gate Chrome & Coffee – British Marque (photo – JR Photon)

The New McLaren 720S

While I don’t usually get super excited about British cars for the most part, what really drew me in this month was my first chance to see the new McLaren 720S which McLaren Chicago brought out to display in the Chicago Motor Cars Naperville showroom  at the Iron Gate campus. This car is really an engineering marvel and what makes it so unique to me is Haydn Baker, the lead developer of this car, actually admits it is FASTER than the 900HP McLaren P1 Hypercar around most tracks. The 720S exceeded the original engineering plans so you get a car that performs like $1million+ for less than $300k. I love me a bargain.

Arne's Antics McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S at Iron Gate Chrome & Coffee (photo – JR Photon)

The new McLaren 720S utilizes the same one-piece carbon fibre monocage technology found in the McLaren P1 hypercar. It is powered by the new M840T engine which features 2 twin-scroll turbos and 16 fuel injectors putting out 710HP. But that isn’t the most impressive thing about this car to me.

What I love is the styling and active aerodynamics this car has. It’s design was inspired by a Great White Shark and it shows. Every aspect of this cars body design is made to direct air in and through the body as efficiently as possible. The cars styling is both simple and complex at the same time. That probably doesn’t make sense to you until you see it in person but it’s the best way I can describe it. It’s just so beautiful and functional from every angle.

Arne's Antics McLaren 720S

The beautiful and functional lines of the McLaren 720S (photo – JR Photon)

The car is very advanced in the suspension department too. With a multitude of sensors the car actively adapts the cars dynamics for maximum grip. Man, what a huge difference from a car like the Ferrari F40 I experienced a few weeks back! Other things I loved about the car was the fold out drivers display and the iconic McLaren gullwing doors. All in all it is truly a bargain, even at $288k.

Arne's Antics McLaren 720S

The beautiful interior of the McLaren 720S

British Marque Chrome & Coffee

The rest of the event was filled with other great cars brought in by the guests and as always, the Iron Gate garage owners were very welcoming. Many of them allow visitors to tour their collections and see their beautiful car condos. If you have’nt attended this show already, mark it on your calendar. A great place to take the family and much better than the stuffy old car shows you are used to!

Chicago Motor Cars Naperville – Iron Gate Motor Condos (photo – JR Photon)

LS1 powered Street Legal Buggy (photo – JR Photon)

Arne's Antics Iron Gate Chrome & Coffee

Chrome & Coffee guests tour a car condo (photo – JR Photon)

Outside Fluid Motor Union in the Iron Gate Motor Plaza

Outside Fluid Motor Union in the Iron Gate Motor Plaza (photo – JR Photon)

About Iron Gate Motor Condos

Founded by local commercial building developer Tom Burgess, Iron Gate Motor Condos is a community of garage condominiums where collectors and enthusiasts can store their vehicles and enjoy the comradery of other car nuts.

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Photos by JR Photon