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GoldRush Rally 9ine – Day 4

In Seattle the GoldRush staff had another unique opportunity in store. We got a private, behind the scenes tour of the Turn 10 Forza Motorsports Headquarters. In addition we were invited to challenge one another to see who could post the best time on their state of the art driving simulator.

McLaren P1 at Turn 10 Studios

McLaren P1 at Turn 10 Studios

Jonny Collins on the Forza Motorsport simulator

Jonny Collins on the Forza Motorsport simulator

My Thoughts on The GoldRush Rally

There is something about the comradery of the GoldRush Rally family that I cant quite explain. The game we play of cat and mouse with the Police. Exercising the abilities of the most amazing road going cars in the world on public highways . Touring the country on paths not normally taken. It bonds us together like nothing I’ve felt before. When we say GoldRush is a family, we most certainly mean it!

Some of the Chicago Crew with GoldRush organizer Ramin Arami

Parin of Chicago Motor Cars, Shaun & I with GoldRush organizer Ramin Arami

Another thing to mention is how everyone on the GoldRush Rally interacts with the fans. While many exotic car owners won’t let people near their cars, the GoldRush family is happy to talk to the fans, let them touch and take pictures with their cars. At gas stations, hotels and everywhere in between, its not uncommon for these guys to be letting kids sit in cars they may only see once in a lifetime. Many of the rural towns we visit are just blown away by the cars of the GoldRush Rally.

A young GoldRush Rally fan sits in Tim Hayes Alpha 7 Nissan GT-R

A young fan sits in Tim Hayes Alpha 7 Nissan GT-R

The level of friendships made on the GoldRush Rally is hard to comprehend. Although we are with the GoldRush family only a short time each year, I know they always have my back. I am thankful for the opportunity to call this band of road-going outlaws my friends and look forward to what the GoldRush 10 has in store for us!

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