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Cannonball Run winner, owner and driver of the World’s Fastest Hearse, exotic car rally driver, movie car collector, and oddball vehicle aficionado. Follow my adventures of automotive madness.

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Arnes Antics Cannonball Run World Record Fraud Taurus Audi S6

Taking Back The Cannonball Run Record

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By now everyone pretty much knows what the Cannonball Run is, an illegal, underground race across the country from New York to Los Angeles that started 50 years ago by…
Cannonball Run Audi S6

My COVID Cannonball Record Comeback

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In early April 2020 the whole country had pretty much shut down. Back in January at the Cannonballer reunion there was talk of an unlimited Cannonball event on April 4th…
Porsche Factory Restoration Center Arne's Antics Tour

A Peek Inside The Porsche Factory Restoration Center

| Behind The Scenes | No Comments
On my latest trip to the VINWIKI studio in Atlanta to tell some more Car Stories, I got yet another unique opportunity.  My good friend and fellow Cannonballer, Doug of…
The Cannonball Record E63 AMG

The Silver Passenger Car Is Being Rebuilt!

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You didn’t think I was just going to let it go did you? I am pleased to announce I did win my 2015 ALPHA 9 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG back from…